קטניות בגיגיות

What are Munbatim?

Munbatim מונבטים is a Hebrew word which means “sprouted” in plural form. In singular form, each one is a Munbat. The Munbatim are gluten free, yeast free, preservative free, oil and fat free sugarless, and strictly organic breads. Some are protein-rich and therefore may serve as a substitute for, (or addition to) animal protein.
The ingredients we use in making our breads are: Quinoa, green buckwheat, millet, sweet potato, carrot, banana, beetroot, apple, legumes (red, yellow and green lentils as well as mung bean), Medjool dates, pink Himalayan salt and purified water. All of our ingredients are non-GMO.
We use the highest quality products to make our Munbatim: organic produce; rich Himalayan salt; and reverse osmosis purified water, with a UV light bulb for absolute sterility. Organic produce, rich salt, purified water – nothing less. The breads are all handmade. No machines are involved in the making of this product. This is not an assembly line product.

Our 15 types of Munbatim breads are:
Quinoa / Buckwheat / Yellow lentils – millet / Red lentils – millet / Green lentils - mung bean - millet / Quinoa - buckwheat – beetroot / Green lentils / Mung bean / Yellow lentils - sweet potato / Red lentils – beetroot / Quinoa - buckwheat - sweet potato / Buckwheat - banana - red lentils – carrot / Buckwheat - Medjool dates – apple / Quinoa - Medjool dates – apple / Buckwheat – dates – pumpkin

15 types of munbatim cover strip

How do I prepare them...?

Once they are ready, the breads are frozen. They are to remain frozen until you (the buyer) decide to eat them.
Their shelf life in your home freezer is up to fifthteen months. When you feel like having them, you simply take them out of the freezer… , run them twice through the toaster’s cycle, then spread whatever you like on them, add some veggies, and you have a petite nutritious and satisfying meal.
You can also gradually thaw them at room temperature, put them in the toaster once and cut them in half.

toaster with Munbatim

ערימת מונבטים בצלחת

Is it right for me?

Yes, if you’re looking for something a little bit different. If you seek to consume less industrial foods, if you choose to avoid gluten and seek non highly-processed foods.
Sprouted or soaked produce provide a filling feeling thanks to the low Glycemic Index (GI) score of the soaked legumes. They are also easily digestible, due to the dissolution of all or most storage substances that wrap the seed or the legume (like starch and phytic acid). Additionally, the nutritional abundance (minerals, vitamins, proteins, digestive enzymes and a lot more) of the sprout simply bursts out, so to speak, and is ready to eat.