Serving Suggestions

מונבט עם ירקות צלויים

Roasted Vegies Munbat

Thaw or heat up Yellow (or red or green) Lentils - Millet with a garlic and olive oil- roasted Portobello mushroom. Serve with roasted veggies on the side.

מונבט עם ירקות צלויים

Sabih (Fried Eggplant Sandwich) Munbatim

Thaw or heat up Red Lentil Munbat, and cut it sideways for skinnier slices. Stuff the slices with olive oil, herbs-seasoned tahini, antipasti eggplant, alfalfa sprouts, multi leaf lettuce, roasted peppers and Kalamata olives. Grilled cherry tomatoes would add some sweetness to this dish.

מונבט מתוק לקטנים

Sweet Treat Munbat for the Tots

Thawed Quinoa or Millet Munbat, cut into triangles.
Prepare the magic spread: mix a tablespoon of almond butter, a tablespoon of coconut butter and a tablespoon of whole tahini. Sweeten with a tad of natural maple, date honey, bees’ honey, agave or coconut sugar – whatever you like. Dilute with a little water until you reach the desired texture. Spread it generously on the Munbat triangles, and lay a banana round on top of each on them. Sprinkle cinnamon and ground coconut, then heat up the triangles for a few minutes in the oven, until brown. Serve on delicate peeler pear slices, grated red, ground cinnamon and coconut flakes.

מונבטים עם נבטים

Sprouts Munbatim

Thawed or heated Buckwheat or Quinoa Munbat with a Kalamata olive spread, alfalfa sprouts, avocado, tomatoes, basil, ground pepper, with cut veggies and Syrian olives on the side.

Happy Hour Munbat

Happy Hour Munbat

Warm up a sweet Buckwheat - Figs – Pumpkin Munbat in your toaster-oven and cut it into cute li’l triangles. Spread them with cashew and herbs cheese and serve with pieces of dried tomatoes, olive oil and seasonal fruit. On the side: a glass of muscat wine, or a delicate-tasting beer. This sweetish Munbat works beautifully with seasoned vegan “cheese"

מונבטים ואבוקדו

Avocado Munbatim

Thawed/ heated and topped by a good-quality Dijon mustard, multi leaf lettuce, your favorite sprouts, avocado, roquette leaves, fresh mushrooms and ground pepper, this is one of the most cherished non-sweet Munbatim!

פיצה מונבטים

Munbatim Pizza

Spread a tiny droplet of olive oil with natural pepper or tomato spread on a thawed/ heated up yellow lentil, or red lentil Munbat. Grate some tofu or your favorite cheese substitute. Add cherry tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, Kalamata olives, herbs and salt and pepper. Bake in 200 degrees Celsius (392 F) for 10 minutes, and serve with sweet potato and zucchini antipasti on the side.

מונבט מושחת

Heavenly Munbat

This is a sweet Munbat (Buckwheat - banana - red lentils - carrot) with special servings for sweet teeth… Thaw or heat up first, then rub with coconut butter, and heap up with homemade pear-date cream (simply run the pears and dates in the blender with some water, and voila!) peeler-made pear slices, grated red, ground cinnamon and coconut flakes.

מונבט וסלט כרוב

Cabbage Salad Munbat

Thawed/ heated Mung bean - Green Lentils - Millet Munbat, topped by fresh avocado slices, chopped purple cabbage, a myriad of sprouts, chives, sunflower seeds, freshly squeezed lemon juice and ground pepper and salt, along with tahini or cashew-almond feta on the side.

מונבט עדשים כתומות-סלק עם ירקות

Pesto and Veggies Munbat

Red lentils + Beetroot Munbat (thawed or heated up in a toaster) with a fresh heap of pesto spread, dill, basil sprouts, radishes and hazelnuts, garnished with pasta-shaped, peeler or mandolin-slicer zucchini peels.

מונבט עם מטבוחה

Matbucha (Hot Tomato Salad) Munbat

Thatwed/heated Munbat triangles with a homemade Matbucha salad, and avocado slices on the side. Goes well with any non-sweet Munbat.

מונבט עדשים כתומות-סלק עם ירקות

Munbat Celebration – Vegan Cheese Appetizers

Warm up a sweet Quinoa – Apple – Date in your toaster-oven, cut it into festive li’l triangles, on which the appetizers will be served. Pile a heap of vegan cashew cheese on each triangle, and garnish with seasonal fruit. You can use strawberries, peaches, cherries, grapes and dried tomatoes.
Finally, tear over your creation herbs such as oregano, basil, thyme, lemon verbena, chives or anything you crave – your eyes will enjoy this feast as much as your taste buds!

כריך מונבטים

Munbat Sandwich

Sideways cut Quinoa - Buckwheat - Beetroot Munbat, and stuff it with soy spread, olive oil, Za’atar and root vegetable salad. Root vegetable salad: rinse and cut into match-shaped slices 2 carrots, 2 kohlrabies and a beetroot or two. Dressing: juice of one lemon with olive oil, a teaspoon of bees’ or date honey and a bit of good-quality salt. On top of the sandwich you can sprinkle some roasted pumpkin seeds.

כריך מונבט

Raw Food Munbat

Thawed/heated Quinoa - buckwheat - Sweet Potato Munbat topped with lettuce galore, kale leaves, Roquette leaves, scallion, Deglet Noor dates, sweet fresh pomegranate seeds, fresh avocado, organic almonds (preferably peeled and soaked) and fresh squeezed red juice on too pf it all.

מונבט עם גספאצ'ו

Gazpacho Munbat

Mung bean Munbat with a side of a great Gazpacho soup: fresh and dried tomatoes, bell peppers, a red pepper touch, cucumber or zucchini, a garlic clove, scallion, herbs and sunflower seeds. The homemade Matbucha is made the same way, but its ground into larger pieces and includes avocado slices and fresh Roquette leaves.

Munbatim Croutons

Munbatim Croutons

We used a buckwheat Munbat here, but it works great with any other type of Munbat.
Make a garden (or farmers’ market) -fresh veggie salad, with your spices of choice.
Having finished cutting all the ingredients, warm up a Munbat in your toaster-oven, cut it into squares, mix them with the salad and voila! – the perfect lunch!

Springtime Munbat

Springtime Munbat

Warm up a Buckwheat – Apple - Date Munbat in your toaster, and while it’s still hot, spread a thick layer of raspberry confiture on top of it (health food stores have a variety of all- natural sugarless confitures, and if you’re not so strict, you can choose any other quality comfiture).
Scatter above a selection of seasonal fruit. This time I picked strawberries and slices of peaches. A favorite addition: fresh pecan shards. Raw cacao nibs with just a hint of ground coconut, will add a deep elegant flavor to this dish. Serve it with almond butter or any other nutty butter.
Everyone will love this gourmet dessert!